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Okay - I'm definitely on a Karina Halle kick after reading Smut. Seriously, I love this author! So, when I looked over to my book shelf this morning and seen this tantalizing little number staring back at me, I knew I couldn't resist. Experiment in Terror is one of my favorite book series' EVER! I think it's time for a re-read. If you haven't read it or heard about it, this is book #1 in the series, Darkhouse. It's good, paranormal fun-times so if that's your thing, check it out.

What are you guys reading? 

I'm currently reading Smut by Karina Halle, and goodness, is it great so far. I'm only about 30% through but it's so great and engaging. I love Karina! Every one of her books that I've read so far have been superb (especially her Experiment in Terror series) - so I'm excited to finished this one.

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